Building a professional tennis court

Does the tennis court at your club, school or federation need replacing? With PlaySport’s modular solutions, you can lay a brand new professional court in no time at all and without any structural changes.


Installing a tennis court that meets every professional demand is a snap with PlaySport. You choose the colour and the dimensions and then simply lay the tiles on the existing floor or foundation (gravel, imitation grass, concrete, etc.). This click & play tennis floor even has triple the lifespan of most of the alternatives.

Indoor or outdoor tennis court

PlaySport’s maintenance-free and porous tennis courts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Developed according to the latest technology and rigorously tested, they guarantee both recreational and serious users a comfortable and ergonomic tennis experience - the shock-absorbent tiles mean minimum strain on ankles, legs, joints and back. What’s more is that a PlaySport outdoor tennis court has the added advantage that the tiles don’t get hot as quickly as asphalt or concrete.



Competition-ready tennis court

Building a PlaySport-tennis court with official competition dimensions so that it can be used to play official tournaments? Or a court that fits seamlessly in the available area? It’s all within reach: our modular tennis courts are completely custom-made for your organisation. Furthermore, it’s the perfect opportunity to incorporate a logo or image into the design. Add the durability and playing comfort and the decision is easy: this court is a sure ace.


We’re happy to tell you how our PlaySport tennis court can help your club or federation, whatever your budget or available space. Give us a call or send an email to make an appointment with no further obligation.

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