Building a game court

Building your own game court in your garden or any other private court? You can install it quickly and easily with the PlaySport tile system. Our courts are also suitable for multi-sport purposes.


Have you always dreamed of having a private game court? A multifunctional surface where you can do your thing without injury and in comfort? PlaySport can make that dream come true with its modular systems, which means you can easily install your own court and store it away again should the need arise. The only condition is a solid foundation - whether it be concrete, asphalt, wood or some other material. The amount of surface area is irrelevant because our sport courts are always custom made to perfection.


The advantage of greater under-foot grip, running comfort and bounce offers an unequalled level of comfort and satisfaction. The many possibilities available in terms of sizes, colours, line markings and logos enable us to tailor a field to entirely meet the individual's requirements. PlaySport's fields are laid on a flat and stable surface, do not require any maintenance and have a 16-year guarantee.

ProStep tiles

The PlaySport game courts are made of specially developed ProStep tiles. They have a shock-absorbent and anti-slip top layer that greatly markedly reduces the risk of injury. They also have a porous structure, so you can start playing again right after a rain shower - if it’s an outdoor court of course. Because they are UV-resistant, they do not lose their colour, not even after intense sunshine. That’s a perfect maintenance-free game court with a fifteen-year factory guarantee.



Your own game court soon?

You heard it: you yourself can install a game court effortlessly (and fast!). What’s more, PlaySport guarantees optimum and patented quality in the colour and dimensions of your choice. Would like to learn more about your options? Give us a call or send an email to make an appointment with no further obligation.

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