School sports

‘School sports’ is a well-known slogan, but it goes without saying that you’ve got to live up to it. You will with a PlaySport modular multi-sport game court: easy to install and store, shock absorbent with perfect ball bounce.


Students need to have the right environment to play sports at school. Their bones and muscles are not yet fully developed and must not be put under too much strain. The tiles that make up our multi-sport courts are specially designed to allow all users to enjoy a first-rate playing experience.


Playing sports and moving are often essential factors in learning, development or healing pathways. That is the reason why schools and institutions are constantly on the lookout for possibilities to optimise their sports facilities and adapt them to their pupils' or their patients' (educational) needs. The challenge often involves renovating existing ageing facilities in the most cost-effective way.

Custom-made sports

Would you like an indoor multi-sport game court in your school’s gym, or outdoors? Is the area you have available large or small? In general, this doesn’t matter: our tile concepts are flexible and will fit your needs to a T. And for the lines; you can choose from every colour of the rainbow. Your school logo printed on the tiles? PlaySport will take care of it too.



Sports at your school?

Does your school sports floor need updating? Or do you want to build an ideal outdoor multi-sport playground? PlaySport is the solution. The only thing we need is a solid foundation; we’ll take care of the rest. Make an appointment today and we’ll soon be discussing your school’s fantastic sporting future!

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