Basketball court for events

Building a basketball court for your event or tournament? Choose the PlaySport modular system: easy to install and put back in storage, perfect for sports performances and custom made for your organisation.


Organising a basketball event or tournament is a lot of work: the environment must be perfect for the guests, participants, media, anyone and everyone. That means your basketball court must also be in perfect shape and able to be installed quick as a whip. The PlaySport tile system meets all these requirements.

Benefits of our basketball court

Whether you’re organising a large or small event, our modular basketball courts will fit your needs like a glove. Full court or half court? Indoors or outdoors? Only the half circle of the three-point line? It’s all within reach. The lines are integrated and, if you want, we can print your event or tournament logo on the tiles, making the basketball court the perfect promotion for your organisation.



Sporty bonus points

The ProStep basketball tiles are equipped with a shock-absorbent top layer and guarantee perfect ball bounce. Whether you’re organising an event for recreational players or professionals, everyone will be playing in the best conditions.


Would you like a basketball court to be the best advertising for your event or tournament? PlaySport delivers, and delivers custom made. Give us a call or send an email to make an appointment with no further obligation.

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