Multi-sport for hotels and recreation areas

Your hotel or recreation area will become all the more attractive with a high-quality multi-sport game court. PlaySport has developed special and unique tiles so you can build the court yourself in no time.


Multi-sport courts for hotels and recreation areas: one of PlaySport’s specialities. Our tiles are adapted to suit every type of user: recreational, serious sports lovers and even professionals. We have a court that will suit the needs of your hotel or recreation area to a T.

The quality of our tiles

The patented ProStep will meet all your wishes. Do you have a large or small area? Will the multi-sport game court be used intensively or sporadically? Is it an indoor or outdoor multi-sport game court? Anything is possible. The result is always maintenance free, shock absorbent, self draining and UV-resistant. What’s more is that you can install the court yourself; the lines are integrated and you get a fifteen-year factory guarantee.



PlaySport as partner?

Would you like to embellish your hotel or recreation area with a court for all types of games and every kind of sports lover? Then invest in a PlaySport modular solution. Call or email us, and we’ll tell you all about your options.

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