Basketball court for your city or municipality

With a reputable basketball court in your city or municipality, you give the residents the opportunity to enjoy sports any time, day or night. Choose a surface that is safe and offers the basketball players the necessary comfort. In other words, choose the revolutionary PlaySport tile system.


A (new) basketball court for the residents of your city or municipality? The crowd will be cheering. That is: for as long as playing basketball on the court is fun. The PlaySport modular sport courts provide the best solution: maintenance free, specially developed for recreational and top sport, colourfast and custom made. But best of all is the perfect ball bounce!


Cities and towns continually have to extend and optimise their offering of accessible sports facilities while anticipating social trends in well-being, health and social cohesion. At the same time, many facilities are ageing and have to be replaced or renovated. Cities and towns therefore have to demonstrate a large dose of creativity and resilience, and seize all available opportunities to provide their citizens with a flexible offering of facilities meeting their needs.

Quality tiles are our rule

The PlaySport ProStep tiles have a shock-absorbent top layer and self-draining structure. This not only tangibly decreases the risk of injury, but also means there is little to no need for maintenance. And the court is super easy to install - all you need is a solid foundation (concrete, asphalt, etc.).



Outdoors? No problem!

Installing an outdoor basketball court with our tiles is no problem: they are porous and UV-resistant. This means they won’t fade in the sun. Years of basketball fun, guaranteed. And you get a fifteen-year factory guarantee on top of that.


PlaySport will gladly turn your city or municipality into a sporty environment with a high-quality basketball court. Give us a call or send an email to make an appointment.

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