Your own basketball court

A basketball court in your own garden: what sport lover doesn’t dream about that? With PlaySport you can easily turn that dream into reality with a well-defined, comfortable, safe and custom-made court, so that from now on you can - literally - always play a home game.


Basketball is a versatile sport that can be enjoyed by both the young and the young at heart, however, that often means you have to go to a sports hall or city park to find a suitable basketball court. And with a bit of bad luck, it’s already occupied. A basketball court in your own garden sounds like the perfect alternative. PlaySport has just that with its click & play sport floors.


The advantage of greater under-foot grip, running comfort and bounce offers an unequalled level of comfort and satisfaction. The many possibilities available in terms of sizes, colours, line markings and logos enable us to tailor a field to entirely meet the individual's requirements. PlaySport's fields are laid on a flat and stable surface, do not require any maintenance and have a 16-year guarantee.

Building a basketball court is child’s play

The fast-drying, feather-light, porous, shock-absorbent and maintenance-free tiles are a breeze to install yourself. All you need is a solid foundation (concrete, wood, asphalt, etc.), which,makes structural changes to the garden unnecessary. What’s more: your modular basketball court is easy to remove when you want to - for example, during the winter months when there’s less playing outdoors.



Custom-made basketball court

With PlaySport, both recreational and serious athletes are sure to have a basketball court that meets all their demands. Do you want a full court or half court? A half circle to the three-point line? Anything is possible. You can choose from a wide range of colours for the lines, tiles and any images. In short, with PlaySport your ideal basketball court is literally just a few clicks away.


Do you dream of having your very own basketball court all to yourself? Or would you first like to learn more about your (budget) options and our solutions? Get in touch with us, so we can sit down together and get the ball rolling!

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