Tennis at your event

Are you organising an event or tournament with tennis at centre court? Good for you, because it’s a fantastic sport. But in order for both your players and your organisation to shine, you need high-quality tennis courts that can be installed and removed quickly, which is why PlaySport is your champion.


Good organisation makes or breaks your event or tournament. This means installing the tennis courts should not take too much time and should be as simple as possible. PlaySport’s modular floor systems are just the ticket.

Professional tiles

PlaySport uses patented and specially developed ProStep tiles. Their shock-absorbent and anti-slip top layer combined with perfect ball bounce ensure a comfortable tennis experience. Both for recreational and professional tennis players.



Benefits for the organisation

And for you as organiser: there are nothing but benefits. The tiles are self draining and therefore bad weather poses no threat. And the integrated lines mean there’s no need to worry about correct measurements. The tennis court is also perfect for advertising, with your logo or other graphics printed on the court.



Our tennis court at your event

Are you, as the organiser of an event or tennis tournament, looking for courts you can install in record time that can be easily adapted to meet your needs and the measurements of the space you have available? PlaySport’s modular tennis courts are just what you’re looking for. All you have to provide is a solid foundation. Does this sound like a game of ‘love’ to you? Contact us so we can sit down together and discuss all your options!

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